Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Straight Present shooter Rifle Review

If you’re unprepared, the scenario paintball battlefield can be a callous place. Running out of ammo can be just the opportunity your adversaries have been waiting for to eliminate you from your team’s roster. Most players prepare for this fateful event by carrying a paintball pistol as their supplementary weapon. Paintball rifle pistols are a terrific surprise for a enemy who thinks he’s the join you when your primary weapon runs dry. The reason most players don’t make use of their tactical pistols as their main rifle happens because these tools have a limited range and are best used for close one fourth combat. Short range fighting on the front lines is generally where most scenario players develop the ability of their paintball hand gun. With such high levels, it’s important you have a pistol that’s reliable.

The Tippmann TPX paintball pistol is one of the best on the market and has taken this seat since its beginning. This gun uses. 68 good quality paintballs so you can use it essentially commercial fields and use their standard rounds. Compared to pistols that take the smaller. 43 good quality ammo, the TPX is one of the larger paintball handguns with only 7 paintballs fitting inside its completely removable journal black market guns. Just like a real gun, TPX magazines drop out of the bottom of its grip with the push of a button, making it easy to change out and refill in a hurry. The magazines are also very easy to load and can be carried out in the middle of action fairly quickly if necessary. This rifle is powered by 12g throw away CO2 cartridges with each cartridge lasting 5-6 magazines. While most tactical paintball pistols house their CO2 cartridge inside the rifle handle, the TPX fits carefully underneath its bat berrel, adding a nice balanced weight and a great feel in your hands.

Despite its size, the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol is extremely lightweight (weighing less than 2 pounds) and easy to wield. It’s also very upgradeable and comes ready to easily accept accessories to make it perform even better. The TPX comes stock with a standard weaver compatible railroad underneath the bat berrel in case you want to add a laser or tactical pistol flashlight for awesome night fighting. While most players are plenty delighted by the stock bat berrel the TPX comes with, this rifle works with Tippmann A5 bat berrel strings so you can upgrade with a rifled bat berrel for even better range and accuracy. For players who decide they want to use the Tippmann TPX pistol as their primary weapon, this rifle can also be accessorized with a remote line adaptor. By adding this cheap priced part to your TPX, you can hook your gun up to and including full size paintball rifle air container with the use of a remote line. The TPX pistol also comes in black, tan and olive color so you can even match your gun to your tactical outfit.

The best feature of the Tippmann TPX pistol is by far its performance. While most paintball pistol guns can barely shoot further than 50 feet, the TPX boasts an easy 100+! This hand gun paintball gun sets further and more accurately than any other on the market. Like most standard tactical paintball weapons, the TPX also has an adjustable velocity. This makes it possible to fire the TPX pistol from as far as the mid-field making it more useable than most. Despite only holding 7 paintballs in its journal, this Tippmann sidearm offers more options than simply deploying it as a back up weapon. Its longer range and better accuracy makes it a great rifle for more than just close one fourth combat on the front lines. Equipped with a remote line linked to a full sized CO2 container carried in a tactical harness, some experienced players do well in scenario games with the Tippmann TPX as their only weapon.

Compared to other tactical paintball pistols, the TPX pistol boasts the best performance and easiest maintenance. You can also bet money on its reliability and sturdy construction. Developed to withstand extremely rough play, you’re still backed by a solid twelve months Tippmann warranty should your baby become damaged in combat. If there is any, the only drawback of the TPX is its size; this rifle is reasonably big, making it difficult to obscure and a bit cumbersome to carry. It does fit well in a leg holster however this takes some being employed to when running. While you can also house the TPX in a holster attached to a tactical vest, its size also makes it cumbersome for this carry method as well. Even though this paintball pistol outperforms all others, its use as a back up weapon may be somewhat limited if you’re looking for something with a small profile for easy hiding.

If you’re looking for a pistol paintball rifle that’s reliable, realistic and performs well, the Tippmann TPX won’t let you down. This rifle comes in a nice, hard plastic carrying case (that’s also perfect for storing it in) along with maintenance oil, allen keys, master’s manual, bat berrel blocking device and even a cleaning squeegee. Tippmann sets a minimum advertised price for the TPX at $219, meaning you won’t find a new one cheaper from an official dealer. Except for what you get, this tactical paintball pistol is very affordable. Overall, the TPX pistol is a great buy; if you’re looking for a large sized sidearm to compliment your scenario game, Tippmann offers the best on the market.

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