It is a unique contribution to the battle against tobacco addiction that electronic cigarettes make by decreasing the detrimental consequences of smoking.

We know a bit about how vapers happens to use e-cigarettes beyond just quitting smoking. It’s possible that vaping using e-cigarettes might help people avoid the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. They do this not just by making it easier for individuals to stop smoking, but also by promoting long-term self-denial from tobacco use. Because of this, there are some fears that vaping might lead to a “renormalization” of smoking-related behaviours. Researchers in this study wanted to find out how people who had previously smoked cigarettes but had switched to electronic cigarettes fared when it came to quitting for good (abstinence or relapse).The IQOS devices (to be inserted). | Download Scientific Diagram


The demographic data of a representative sample of ex-smokers from the United Kingdom was matched to a purposive sample of forty vapers from the United Kingdom. The qualitative study included semi-structured interviews, which were conducted only after we had obtained full and informed consent. The collected data was the subject of a thematic analysis by two members of the research team. The final topic analysis was verified and agreed upon by consensus.


Smoking cessation attempts have failed in the past for the vast majority of the people in the sample, despite their long histories of tobacco use and several previous attempts to quit. E-cigarettes have been characterised as life-changing by several individuals who have tried them for the first time, and they have been able to stop smoking regular cigarettes very quickly. For others, it was a mix of instances of dual use or smoking decline, as well as attempts at vaping that were unsuccessful. Many of them opted for a less expensive “cig-a-like” device, which they subsequently learned did not fulfil their demands. Vaping became more of a “slide” shift for some people as they tried different devices and combinations over time. “Dual use” is a term used to describe this practise. More than a few participants claimed that they used a “grazing” pattern of vaping throughout the day in an attempt to aid in their efforts to quit smoking cigarettes. A number of individuals have settled on vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco.


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