2012 – Who Are the Nephilim and Why Should You Care?


In the event that you are perusing this article, you probably found out about the Mayan 2012 prediction. As indicated by the Mayan schedule, the ongoing pattern of the world finishes on December 21st, 2012. What this implies has been discussed a ton. Certain individuals accept an astronomical fiasco will undoubtedly occur, maybe set on by sun based flares or an impact with Planet X, yet less individuals know about the narrative of the Nephilim and the exceptionally fascinating job they might play before very long.


The Nephilim are the Fallen Angels as told in the Book of Enoch, the world’s most established strict text. The Bible momentarily makes reference to the fallen heavenly messengers, when it portrays how Angels plunged unto earth quite a while in the past and had kids with people. These turned into the goliaths in the Bible. That is all we catch wind of however, yet not on the grounds that there doesn’t exist more stories. It’s just that the early church justifiably could have done without everything the Book of Enoch said about the Fallen Angels. If you have any desire to know reality with regards to the Nephilim, then you won’t track down it in the cutting edge form of the Bible.


In the Book of Enoch we are informed that God/The Almighty sent his holy messengers (The Watchers) to the earth to show them beneficial things and to notice, that is where the term Fallen Angels come from. Yet, the Nephilim didn’t simply notice and instruct. The head of the Nephilim, Azazel (satan/fiend/lucifer), chose to take human ladies and got kids with them. He likewise showed people how to make weapons, how to take up arms and how to control others. His activities infuriated The Almighty such a lot of that he chose to place Azazel into a jail far below the world’s surface, where he is to be kept always until the approaching of Christ or the How to join the illuminati Messenger.


Be that as it may, the story doesn’t end here. The Nephilim (Fallen Angels) had kids with people and their genealogy lives on. Their impact is difficult to find, yet has been passed on box associations like the Freemasons, Illuminati and Skulls and Bones. This multitude of associations guarantee to have secret information and love Lucifer, not as the Satan known in the New Testament, however as who he truly is: Azazel, the bearer of information to people. Azazel defied the Almighty and was rebuffed for it. He showed people things that would never be untaught. War, eagerness, disdain.

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