Andros Island Bahamas Vacation Rentals

If you’ve ever been to the Bahamas, you’ve probably heard of Andros Island. This archipelago is actually the largest of the seven hundred islands, and it is larger than all of them combined. This makes it the perfect vacation destination – and it’s definitely worth a visit. To learn more about the island, read on! Until next time, enjoy the islands! Andros Island Bahamas vacation rentals are an excellent way to spend your vacation!Getting to Andros Island - Resort in the Bahamas | Small Hope Bay Lodge

Many bird species live on the island, and Andros is no exception. The island is home to the Bahama oriole, a critically endangered species that’s only found on Andros. There are endemic bird populations, including the Bahama yellowthroat and the Woodstar. Other birds found in the area include the Key West quail dove and West Indian whistling duck. andros island bahamas There’s even a turtle sanctuary on the island!

While visiting Andros, keep in mind that the temperature is pleasant throughout the year. Andros’ warm trade winds ensure a comfortable temperature year-round. However, you’re likely to want to bring some warm clothes! If you’re planning a tropical getaway, a scuba diving tour can be a fun way to warm up. Andros island has plenty to offer! There’s even a museum that honors Andros’ native culture.

The north end of Andros is home to Morgan’s Bluff, a 65-foot high cliff. Folklore tells of a buried treasure – which would be a real treat for your Bahamas vacation. It’s easy to find this landmark; just look for signs along Queen’s Highway. The cave is full of bats, stalagmites, and other wildlife, so you’ll be surprised by how peaceful and romantic it is.

The Andros Barrier Reef stretches for 190 miles along Andros’ eastern shore. It’s one of the largest reefs in the world. Snorkeling, swimming, and SCUBA diving are popular activities on Andros. Blue holes are a major attraction on every Bahamas island, and on Andros, there are 178 on the island and another 50 out in the ocean. These natural formations are formed inside Bahamian carbonate platforms, and they are home to a network of underground caves that is several miles wide and hundreds of feet deep.

The Andros Island has an equatorial climate, and there are two seasons – summer/wet (May-November) and winter/dry (December-April). Mid-summer temperatures range from 27oC/80F to 29oC/85F; mid-winter temperatures range from 21oC/70F to 72oC. There are no public transportation services on Andros, but private shuttle buses run between Nicholls Town and Behring Point. LeAir flies daily between the island’s four airports.

Andros was home to pirates before the British Empire banned the international slave trade in 1807. However, U.S. coastwise slave ships occasionally wrecked on the island. During the 18th century, the British colonies freed slaves from American ships. In addition, archeological sites at Morgan’s Cave and Stargate Blue Hole have been discovered. The Lucayans were the native people of the Bahamas when the Spanish arrived and settlers settled on the island.

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