Google+ For Business

Google+ was introduced late in June 2011. Despite rumors that it wouldn’t last, Google+ is here to stay. Google+ is extremely important if your business relies heavily on SEO to provide its main source of traffic. While Google+ doesn’t have the enormous amount of users that Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter have, this pattern is quickly changing as more and more businesses begin to see the benefit of engaging on Google+.

What is Google+? Simply put, Google+ is another online social network platform that allows users to engage with each other. What makes Google+ different? While some may say that Google+ is similar to Facebook, there are some significant differences. When you start with Google+, you begin with your profile. You must have a Google account to even start with Google+, so your first step is to set up a Google email. This process is simple. Their tutorial will walk you through the process. Once you have your Gmail account, you will want to set up your profile. Your Google Profile is the core of your Google+ experience. Everything is based on your profile. Be sure that your profile reflects your business and that you have filled out all of the necessary information. Google will use words from your profile when people search for something specific within Google. What this means is that if your profile doesn’t use the right keywords, it will not come up in the basic searches by Google users.

Once your profile is established Buy Google Reviews, you can create circles. Circles are used to break down your friends into various compartments. You can keep your connections separate. This allows for streamlined feeds, making the information you receive much more organized. The groups that are used most often are: Work, Friends and Family. By breaking up your contacts into these three categories, you can be selective about whose updates you see. This is the main purpose of circles within Google+. You can add any one of your contacts into a circle and that person will receive notification. You also have the option to follow circles, allowing you to see the feeds of people that you are not “connected” to. Once your circles are set up, you can begin engaging.

How can a business utilize Google+ to increase visibility and sales? There are two very popular ways this is achieved.

Videos: Videos used, as tutorials or introducing your circles to your business is extremely effective. Your videos can include tutorials, weekly wrap-ups, reviews and even interviews of staff or events that your business has hosted. The possibilities are endless. The popularity of videos continues to be on the increase. One key to make videos work for you is to make sure your videos are about your customers. They don’t want to hear about how great your business is. They want to hear how your business can benefit them.

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