How And When To Post On Instagram

Blogging can be a long work, exhausting and self-motivational one. There is no one there to push you or boss you around. It’s your job and you’re committed to keeping yourself motivated throughout the day. But, if you don’t have the desired amount of likes on your posts, and it begins happening way too often and you begin to lose energy to work. I’ve experienced this myself.

I’ve been writing for various people and it became irritating to me. I did so for 3 years before it occurred to me; if I’d spent that much time in the writing process for my own blog, I would have been somewhere else. It’s okay to dream, aren’t you? That’s why I began the journey. However, it was very easy to despair since I wasn’t getting many likes for my Instagram blog buy instagram followers cheap. If my blog isn’t seen by people who visit my Instagram, they won’t be directed to my posts too (I was lost in the dark tunnel of despair). This is why I chose to conduct some thorough research about Instagram blogging because it’s rapidly growing that caters to different kinds of bloggers at the moment. In my own investigation, I discovered an article that was titled “Best Times to post on Instagram.” And this is where the most significant change happened.


So first, I wanted to know whether it was real or not. I don’t rely or believe in things at the first sign of a sign so I tried it out.

The other day, I made a post in my leisure time whenever I felt it was appropriate to do it. Again, I was enraged! My blog post didn’t receive the attention it deserved and mainly my fans were the ones to show love to it. Where was the audience?

Well, on Saturday I posted on perfect Instagram time. Guess what? The change was quite evident. When my Friday post only had 20 likes, my Saturday post was able to reach 50. Though this may not seem to be a lot, for someone who is just starting out it’s a huge motivator. That’s why it is really the truth.


It took me almost 2-3 days to figure out the most appropriate timings. Each post featured different timings. However, I had to identify the posts that were similar on certain days. Once I had gone through the pages of Google while reading the statistics, I discovered that the following timings were the most frequent in the majority of articles I read. Here are the most effective time to share your content on Instagram. I’m hoping they’ll work as well for you just like they worked for me!

MONDAY: 7 pm and 10 pm

TUESDAY: 3 am and 10 pm


THURSDAY: 7 am and 11 pm

FRIDAY: 1 am and 8 pm

SATURDAY: 12 am and 2 am

SUNDAY: 5 pm

Other statistics from the past showed that the highest concentration of Instagram viewers is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The least attention tends to be on Mondays as it’s the first day after weekend and the majority of people are making themselves ready for the rest of the week or working on their pending work. Do not begin your blogging journey because you want instant money (lots of it) as this is a common misconception. It can take years before your blog begins to show you in the correct way!

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